Hop, skip, jump honors jump-rope advocate

Members of the Tsunami Skippers perform during a Jump Rope for Heart assembly at Astor Elementary.

Clatsop County’s most successful jump rope team, the Tsunami Skippers, are not about to skip this season.

Founded in 2006 by Stacey Dundas and Shannon Carey, the Skippers were established “to give kids an alternative sport in Clatsop County.”

But the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a kink into the Skippers’ rope.

“Yes, we have practices starting at the end of September (but) we are not doing tryouts this year due to COVID,” Dundas said. “All my new kids from last year got robbed of their season, so we are having a do-over this year, and also trying to get to jump rope nationals summer 2021.”

Rope jumping, as the founders put it, is a sport “that would help young people learn teamwork, the benefits of exercise, self-confidence and respect for others.”

And the Skippers have done it well.

Comprised of girls and boys based on ability and not age, the Tsunami Skippers have performed all over the United States, including the 2012 World Jump Rope competition in Washington, D.C., the 2014 USA Jump Rope nationals in Long Beach, California, the 2016 Pan American Championship in Orlando, Florida, and the 2019 World Jump Rope competition in Stokke, Norway.

The Skippers have also performed during halftime at Portland Trail Blazers games, with the Harlem Globetrotters, parades and schools throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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