Seaside’s 39th beach volleyball tournament is open for registration, ramping up for a full event on 185 courts in August.

The event, presented by the Seaside Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Volleyball Professionals, is considered the largest amateur beach volleyball tournament in the world.

All players must have an up-to-date AVP America silvers membership, and all registration must be done online. Teams must register by July 30. There is no entry fee for spectators.

The tournament was canceled last year as a result of the pandemic. This year’s event takes place Aug. 12 through Aug. 15.

The tournament launched on Sept. 4, 1982. It drew 57 teams and 215 competitors from Oregon, Washington state and California. The event grew steadily in interest and enthusiasm. By 2012, the event drew between 8,000 and 10,000 participants during the tournament, a number that has grown since.

In 2016, Bad Boys Open Volleyball partnered with the chamber to oversee organization and management of the tournament.

Organizers Deng Thepharat, Mike Griffin and P.T. Thilavanh brought more teams, age groups, national sponsors and streamlined play.

In 2019, the tournament featured about 1,600 teams playing among three divisions, including doubles, quads and sixes. Organizers put up 184 volleyball courts on the beach, about 20 more than in 2018.

Today it is the chamber’s largest program. Sponsors include Michelob, Wilson, AVP America, the University of Western States and Clatsop Distributing.

The tournament contributes to a national pipeline for youth, semi-pro and professional beach volleyball, Brian Owen, the chamber’s CEO, said.

Advertising and emcee shout-outs or mentions will be broadcast throughout the weekend, he said.

Opening day features youth players; day two will present adult and youth doubles. Over the weekend, doubles, quads and sixes compete. Junior and adult quads take the court to close the event.

A player’s guide is in production. A digital version called Volleyball Life will offer attendees access to games, schedules and links.

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