Dear Seaside Families and Community Members:

For years, Seaside High School athletics has realized a tremendous amount of support for our student-athletes during their competitive seasons. Whether packing the gyms, lining the track or showing up to Broadway Field for a contest, you have provided consistent and vocal support for our student-athletes.

Our athletic programs came to an abrupt end in March 2020 and our student-athletes have not had the opportunity to compete again until now, almost an entire year later. We are excited for our teams to once again represent our school and community with the start of the 2021 fall sports season that officially began on Feb. 22.

There has been a lot of speculation over what this looks like for our fans who are ready to cheer on their favorite players and teams during competition. In the current environment, watching the games in person is going to be a departure from “normal.” We are grateful that our student-athletes will be able to compete again, however, spectating will be markedly different than what we are used to. The Oregon Health Authority has outlined provisions for continued competition and occupancy at our venues that will, depending on current county risk levels, allow for some spectators but certainly not to the levels that we are accustomed to.

We are working with our Cowapa League partners to develop consistent guidelines that would allow for limited spectators at our respective venues. A complicating factor is that our league spans three different counties which might simultaneously be in three different risk sectors.

I can assure you that the other league schools are as committed to allowing for limited spectators as we are and collectively we plan to do all in our power to make spectator attendance possible while also ensuring we take the appropriate precautions to protect the likelihood of our students remaining in school. Seaside spectators will not be allowed at visiting venues until these guidelines are confirmed by Cowapa schools. I will notify our coaches once that agreement is reached.

When we are able to allow for limited spectators, the following guidelines will be followed with zero exceptions during the Oregon Schools Activities Association season 2 (fall sports) and under current Oregon Health Authority guidelines:

● An allotment of tickets will be designated for each student athlete on a rostered team. Student athletes will be able to distribute these tickets at their discretion for each contest.

● All spectators are required to wear a fitted face covering/mask regardless of whether the activity is indoors or outdoors.

● Spectators granted access will be required to sit in designated areas and observe physical distancing of 6 feet.

● Spectators that are not granted access will be asked to leave the premises. Spectators that refuse to follow guidelines run the risk of having the competition stopped or cancelled and potentially being trespassed from venues.

● Outdoor venues are limited to 300 persons on-site in lower risk sectors and 150 persons on site in moderate-risk sectors. These limits include all participants, coaches, officials, personnel and spectators. High-risk and extreme-risk sector guidelines strictly prohibit spectators.

We are currently working on ways to provide live streaming opportunities for all of our contests and we will make that information available as soon as possible.

I have outlined the proposed allotment of tickets below that will be available to student-athletes throughout the fall sports season and under the current Oregon Health Authority sector risk level guidelines. Note, again, that the in-person attendee counts include all players, coaches, officials and personnel supporting a team which is why two different sports held in the same venue may then have fewer spectators allowed so that the venue remains under the cap set for total in-person attendees. Prior to the Cowapa League agreement we will allow home spectators under the guideline limitations below.

Additional information to ticket allocations:

● There will not be admission charged at any venue for attendance.

● There will be no concessions at any venues.

● All spectators must be seated in provided stands and adhere to designated home and visitor sections.

● Per Oregon Health Authority, the venue capacity limits include the perimeter fence line, skate park, and parking lot at Broadway Field. Spectating from these locations will not be allowed.

● Cross-country meets will abide by the 300/150 person maximum attendees at an outdoor venue and observe physical distancing protocols.

Our coaches will further communicate this information with our student-athletes and will be the primary contact regarding ticketing to events for their respective sports. Other questions regarding our athletic programs should be directed to Aaron Tanabe, athletic director, at 503-738-5586 or

I acknowledge that these guidelines and restrictions may be frustrating; however, in order to resume competition they must be followed. I am thankful that the opportunity to resume these activities for our students has been provided. Please continue to partner with our school community through responsible actions to ensure these athletic opportunities continue to be available to our student-athletes throughout the remainder of the year.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we continue to move through this challenging time.

Jeff Roberts is the principal of Seaside High School and Middle School.

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