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Coaches at Jewell School have earned Level 1 status for the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The federation’s school honor roll is a national recognition program aimed at promoting professional development for high school coaches by completing online education classes through the federation’s learning center.

To earn the Level 1 status, more than 90% of the coaches at Jewell completed the core course, Fundamentals of Coaching, along with three of the learning center’s most significant courses — Concussion in Sports, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Protecting Students from Abuse.

“This is an accolade that must be earned through individual commitment and effort, and reflects the collective professionalism of our coaching staff,” said Jewell athletic director Mark Freeman in a statement to parents. “I am proud to work with them all and I hope you are as equally proud to have them working with your children.”

Freeman added, “The commitment and dedication of many small classification schools and their coaches rival that of the larger schools. The populations are simply smaller. I am quite proud of the Jewell School coaching staff.”

Dr. Karissa Niehoff, the federation’s executive director, said, “We want to congratulate the coaches and administration at Jewell School for taking this significant step in prioritizing professional development. These four courses will definitely help the coaches at Jewell School to handle the daily challenges in high school sports and should serve as a challenge for other schools to follow their example.”

As a reward for completing Level 1 status, the Class 1A Jewell Blue Jays will receive a large display banner for their school gymnasium to commemorate the coaches accomplishments and dedication to professional development and education-based activity programs.

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