We’ve all heard the famous baseball movie expression, “If you build it, they will come.”

Well … it takes time, money and people to build it, before they come.

And they’re getting it all done in Seaside.

Whenever the next spring sports season begins, Seaside athletes will benefit from a brand new indoor training facility.

Since the groundbreaking ceremony May 11, the construction of Broadway Field’s indoor batting and bullpen cage has made big strides.

It has a roof and now a concrete floor, but there’s a lot more in between that promises to make it a state-of-the-art facility for use by athletes, primarily baseball and softball.

Many have seen the outside of the building and the progress made, said Seaside softball coach Jessica Garrigues, one of the project’s coordinators, “but maybe do not know all the work that has gotten us to where we are now.”

Garrigues mentioned site excavation, hauling in rock, supplying utilities, digging ditches, securing donated construction materials, installing an in-floor heat system, installation of plumbing/electrical and pouring a concrete slab as among the everyday activities.

“We are on track to have this project completed around the end of September, with an early October Grand Opening Ceremony,” Garrigues said.

“Our next steps are to finish the exterior shell, groundwork, frame interior walls, continued work on electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, drywall and interior finishes, painting and finally finish up with outfitting by hanging nets,” decorated with Seagull Pride.

They will also be, “setting up accessories and equipment such as pricing machines, screens, batting mats and portable mounds.”

She added, “It has truly been incredible to see all the local contractors and businesses coming together to help make this project a reality. We have had donated time and materials from local plumbers, electricians, rental companies, building contractors, material suppliers, excavators, concrete and HVAC technicians.”

In addition to coaching different sports at the youth and high school levels, Chris Corder “has been the leader of this project, and has spent incalculable hours on this project,” Garrigues said. “From project management, acquiring donated materials and services, and incredible communication on updates on the project, he has been an absolute rockstar.”

Also involved are three Seaside Class of 2021 seniors who are volunteering their time on the project for their Pacifica projects.

Kandice Flaigg, Jared White and Cash Corder have been participating through fundraising and organization to digging ditches and installing materials onsite.

“They will be assisting us throughout the project, and it’s been a great experience for them to be a part of the project,” Garrigues said.

Local businesses and contractors that have helped with the project will be honored on a donor board at the indoor facility, along with other donors who have sent in monetary donations.

“We are still looking for more donors to help us round this project out,” she said, “especially as we begin acquiring equipment for the interior and other important equipment like pitching machines, nets, plates and storage cabinets.”

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