Along with Seaside Beach Volleyball Head Official John Rich, Greg Clark is the man who makes the call: Is the ball in or out? Did it touch the line? Was it a carry or a hold?

We spoke with Clark on the beach before Saturday’s matches began.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your role?”

Clark: For myself personally, I got started about five years ago and started working my way up the ranks, I got national certification which made me eligible me to work AVP events.

Q: Do you travel frequently?

Clark: I pretty much stay in the Pacific Northwest, because I’m new around the tour. John (King) travels around quite a bit.

Q: Is it a full-time job?

Clark: It’s a side job.

Q: Where do you live?

Clark: I live in Vancouver, Washington.

Q: What will you look forward today?

Clark: It’s a pretty straightforward event. We’ve got a lot of those guys on tour or working to get into the tour. We’re expecting some good play through all of it. It’s been a really good tournament so far, and we’re expecting that to continue.

Q: Volleyball is known for its sportsmanship. Do you find that here in Seaside?

Clark: Especially on the beach,  volleyball is really an honorable game. You get a lot of honor calls, where people say, ‘I touched the ball.’ I did something. A lot of times on the beach, you don’t have officials, so it’s up to players to police themselves.

Yesterday we had a play right near the net. I was the down official. I thought I had seen it touch, but I wasn’t 100% sure — and the guy goes, ‘it was me.’ They know.

Q: It’s unlike any other sport.

Clark: True. And it goes both ways. They know that if they do it, they’re going to get it back.

Q: How is the quality of play?

Clark: We have some of the great up-and-coming players. We have some guys playing Day One, maybe Day Two, playing in some of the major events. They come here because it’s a great tournament, it’s a grassroots tournament and a way to get moving on to get their AVP points. It’s a win-win for them.

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