Trail’s End Gallery presents September featured artists, during the Gearhart ArtWalk on Saturday, Sept. 7.

The gallery is open for viewing from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A reception in their honor will be held from 2-5 p.m.

Other Trail’s End artists’ work will be on display throughout the gallery and in the entry.

New artists Christine Kende, Fay Stross, J. R. Moyer, Carol Braden, Jim and Jen Crowe, Bill Brock and David Gleason present mixed media, fused glass, wood, photography and watercolor will be showcased in this exciting exhibition.

Christine Kende works in glass using a layering process, fusing each layer as she goes until she achieves her desired effect. She holds Fine Arts degrees in music and tau. She has found her voice in glass, which she enjoys because it combines the physics of glass with art.

Fay Stross was inspired to learn to paint after studying art therapy and is now focusing on watercolor after studying other media, taken many courses and has a master’s degree from Antioch University.

J.R. Moyer gathers wood from the beach and rivers in the area and turns them into items of beauty to let each piece show off its simple yet complex pattern, its unique character and history.

Carol Braden is known for her decorative guitars and has been a professional since 2008, showing in contemporary galleries nationwide.

Jen Crowe is a multi-disciplinary artist working in natural fibers, encaustic paint and metal, sterling silver as her favorite for jewelry.

Jim Crowe is a photographer who loves both science and art where his photos lie squarely in the intersection of creativity and technology.

Bill Brock is both a photographer and painter who brings a different eye to his art.

David Gleason is a traveling photographer and has authored a book, “My Winter in Gearhart.”

The gallery is located at 656 A Street in Gearhart. Contact, or call 503-717-9458.

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