Seaside Art Walk celebrates history as well as creativity

A pelican that insists there still is a heart, created by Nick Brakel will be on display at Fairweather House and Garden during the First Saturday Art Walk in Seaside Sept. 6.

The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk Sept. 6 completes its 10th anniversary and continues its celebration of the 100th anniversary of the historic Gilbert District.

“Doing the Gilbert” offers a dramatic shift by taking art to the streets. While the Wheels and Waves show will close Broadway, art walk visitors may wander around what will seem like an open air plaza, meeting artists inside the galleries or listening to live music performances.

Dedicated parking is available at the corner of Ocean Way and Holladay Drive.

Those participating in the art walk are:

• T. Anjuli’s Gallery, 5 N. Holladay Drive: Artist Billy Lutz is the owner and resident artist. His art work focuses on what lies beneath appearances. Having painted in themes for 30 years, he has developed a “philosophy of collectivism premised on the requirements of individual motive and other paradox.”

• Seaside Coffee House, 3. N. Holladay Drive: Featuring Morgan Soller, artist, who works in richly detailed drawings using colored pencils and ink.

• Fly the Coop, 10 N. Holladay Drive: Tim Ashman, photographer, enjoys capturing “life” in action. He has spent numerous hours out in nature, local street fairs and at sporting and outdoor events. He has also focused on the details with water droplets, flame, and steam. These shots of time that is not often captured by the naked eye.

• Beach Books, 616 Broadway: Continues an exhibition of Seaside artist and surfer Andrew Gunthardt who works in pen and ink drawings with using a Bic marker.

•Beach Puppy Boutique, 614 Broadway: Featuring pet portrait artist Lisa Cunningham who has an “incredible gift for portraying the heart of every pet by bringing their unique expressions to life through watercolor.”

• Fairweather House and Garden, 612 Broadway: “Light, an exhibition,” featuring artists Diane van der Zanden, Lonnie Feather, Nick Brakel, Jan Shield, Bev Drew Kindley, Paul Brent and Neal Maine. The work created for the current show, according to artist and curator Jan Shield, “relates to a blending of nature, one of a deep looking, feeling and artistic response in connection to the sea, air, light, and the very atmosphere that surrounds us all.”

•J. Rae’s Wines, 608 Broadway: Featuring Tony Gardner, an artist who starts a painting process by laying down a black calligraphic ideogram, then superimposes layer upon layer of paint in a grid like fashion, following the ancient rules of tradition, left to right, top to bottom. “My art traverses through time and memory, culture versus culture and modernity versus tradition.”

• SunRose Gallery, 606 Broadway.

• The Gilbert District Gallery, 611 Broadway: Featuring artist Steve Bash, who uses a variety of skills to create his art. He has lived in Seaside for decades, stimulated by the proximity of incredible beauty, which gives rise to his art.

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