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The Friends of the Seaside Library will host documentary filmmaker Ron Walker as he presents his film series “Seattle by Trolleybus” and “Christian and His Seaplanes.” The event will take place in the Community Room at 1 p.m., Saturday Jan. 26.

Walker, returns to the Seaside Library for another showing of two of his wonderful documentary films. Walker has a deep interest in electric public transportation and in “Seattle by Trolleybus” he focuses on this zero-polluting technology. Walker goes behind the scenes and interviews bus drivers as well as many of the people that are involved with running and maintaining the electric buses in the Emerald City. FiThe second film is titled; “Christian, and His Seaplanes.” While filming in Seattle, Walker stumbled on Kenmore Air which is the largest seaplane base in the United States. He filmed and interviewed a young mechanic who has a passion for airplanes, and whose job it is to maintain the fleet of amphibious aircraft.

Walker is a filmmaker, musician, and artist. He learned the craft of filmmaking when he worked as the resident music composer for the Film Loft in Portland in the 1980s. During this period, he composed the music for the Mount St. Helens film “This Place in Time” which is shown at the Mount St. Helens Interpretive center. Walker shoots, edits and composes the music for the films he produces. His films are about people, their hobbies and passions and often feature historical themes centered on the North Coast.The Seaside Public Library is located at 1131 Broadway.

For more information call 503-738-6742 or visit at www.seasidelibrary.org.

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