New branch of Seaside’s STUFF focuses on used clothes

Valerie Watson is the manager at Seaside's Clothes & STUFF, a used-clothing store that opened in September. Watson and her son, Tim Meyer, own the new store, as well as the original Seaside's STUFF.

The owners of Seaside’s STUFF have expanded their presence in town by opening a second store with a similar theme, called Seaside’s Clothes & STUFF.

The store, located on South Roosevelt Drive, opened in September 2015. The stores are owned by Valerie Watson and her son, Tim Meyer.

Watson’s brother, Daniel Osborn, runs Seaside’s STUFF; Watson manages the new store; and Meyer is the buyer, who goes to storage auctions, estate sales and other venues throughout the state, stocking a warehouse with items. He does “all the wheeling and dealing,” said Watson. She grew up Clatskanie and moved back to the area more than four years ago.

Seaside’s STUFF opened in 2014. The store did well, but soon grew a little short of space. The owners were “donating so many clothes to Goodwill,” Watson said, because they did not have room to display them all. Without space to expand Seaside’s STUFF in its current building, the family decided to open a new location to fit in the used-clothing niche, Watson said.

The new store features mainly clothes and other personal accessories, such as handbags, belts, scarves, jewelry and shoes. Brands include some that are upscale, like Gucci, Coach, GUESS and Michael Kors — nice products “at reasonable prices,” Watson said.

Tops run about $5, purses are $5, used belts are $2 and there is a $1 rack. People who bring in items can trade them for store credit.

Watson said they try to bring in new products every week, since several of their patrons return often to check for new deliveries. If an item doesn’t sell after a few weeks, Meyer will return it to the warehouse, sell it on the Internet or donate it. With all the leftover items they still generate, Watson said she would like to see someone set up a community clothing bank, where those in need could get the clothes for free.

Both stores have Facebook pages that are updated with new products as they arrive. To contact Seaside’s Clothes & STUFF, call 971-704-4163.

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