Ronnie Klemple and his wife and business manager Denese started North Coast Handyman & Woodworking in June 2017.

“Denese and I had been thinking about starting our own business for years,” the Astoria-based licensed and bonded contractor said.

A New Jersey native, Klemple aspired to come west at a young age. With years of experience working in construction and supervisory experience at a cabinetry company in Eugene — a job that was phased out during the recession — Klemple worked at the Wauna Paper Mill in Clatskanie for six years.

“Denese and I knew we had to have a new plan,” he said.

In addition to managing North Coast Handyman & Woodworking from their home, Denese also runs a small day care program.

“We are rot specialists,” Klemple said. “Rain hits hard in this area. Either through faulty contracting or outdated construction principles, we see window rot, improperly installed windows, rotting decks, porches, roofing, front doors. Rot can start out small, but rot spreads.”

Klemple and his crew are specialists in that they identify the cause and root of the rot problem.

“We fix it at the source, repair the damage as best we can. Sometimes rot spreads so far you have to pick a stopping point. What we put back is weatherproof particular to the Pacific Northwest.”

The roles in the company are clearly defined. “We have the owner, the manager, and the best friend/employee,” he said.

The best friend/employee is Charles Bandelt, Klemple’s friend for more than 25 years.

Bandelt, also a New Jersey native with an expertise in house framing, visited his friend on the North Coast and fell in love with the place, eventually relocating his family.

Denese is the company manager in charge of scheduling, organizing estimates, and handling all the business’s customer communication and bookkeeping. She’s also the administrator of North Coast Handyman & Woodworking’s vibrant Facebook page, which among a gallery of photographs of jobs completed, includes a highly entertaining clip of Ronnie and Charles on the road during a windshield wiper mini-crisis.

North Coast Handyman & Woodworking will provide free estimates to residents from Seaside to Knappa. The company is licensed to work in Washington, doing work in Naselle and Ocean Park.

Klemple says the most rewarding part of his job is giving folks something better than they had.

“I’m proud knowing we’ve made somebody’s life better,” he said. “People say of the finished work ‘thank you,’ and that means so much to us. There’s nothing I like better than taking before and after pictures. I feel proud of our work.”

North Coast Handyman & Woodworking is taking on projects including rot repair, roofing, siding, decks, porches, stairs and railings, fences, doors, window replacement, and pole barn building. They also do custom cabinetry and custom furniture. 

Contact them at 503-440-5758 or message them on Facebook.

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