Get Out the Float — formerly known as “The Pool Party,” is returning to Seaside Saturday, Oct. 12, raising money for local charities, including the Clatsop Children’s Theater Company, Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation Foundation, and the League of Extraordinary Floofs. 

Get Out The Float is a furry group from Portland that puts on a few special events per year to enjoy community, benefit charity and catch a refreshing break from our daily lives.

The League of Extraordinary Floofs have a primary mission to enrich and entertain the lives of members of the public through costumed performance and to assist other nonprofits in fundraising and outreach efforts. They visit a children's hospital on a monthly basis in Portland as well as helping to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research at several events per year, and more.

The Clatsop Children's Theater Company's mission is to provide performing arts opportunities that educate, empower and engage local children while contributing to the county's culture and quality of life. Approximately 50 youth from the county have taken part in at least one of the company's various programs, and many children participate more than once.  Funds raised for The Sunset Empire Parks & Recreation Foundation to help pay for swimming lessons and aquatic athletic activities for their scholarship program. 

The group will be on the Promenade, West Broadway and in the Carousel Mall from about 1-2 p.m.

Here are a few tips for approaching the “Floofs”: when you see us this Saturday afternoon: First, ask before hugging. Outstretching your arms is a great nonverbal way of asking for hugs. Donations are collected with buckets; the charity is labeled on the bucket. Finally, to take photos with a member of the group,  ask. The event is weather dependent. Schedule changes will be announced on Twitter An  at @GetOutTheFloat.

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