Clatsop Community College invites the community to share in breaking the silence around gender violence through the Clatsop Clothesline Project kick-off event from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 4 in the Towler Hall third floor atrium, 1660 Lexington Ave., Astoria.

The event will include a display of T-shirts painted by community members.

Presentations also will be made by speakers who have experienced violence in their lives.

Community members can decorate T-shirts. at community gatherings from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 17, and 12:30 to 2 p.m. Feb. 23. Both gatherings will be in the Lives in Transition resource room, Alder Hall second floor, 1775 Lexington Ave, Astoria. Shirts can be decorated at the gathering, or they may be completed elsewhere and dropped off before March 4 at the resource room. Shirts and materials for decorating are available free of charge.

The 2015 Clothesline Project is sponsored by the Women and Social Action class. Men, women, and individuals of all gender identities attend this course at Clatsop Community College every winter. Each class creates a new activist experience for the self, each other, and the North Coast region. The Clothesline Project is a visual display dedicated to raising awareness about the reality of violence in society. It is composed of T-shirts created by survivors of violence, or in honor of someone who has experienced violence. Each shirt is one survivor’s testimony of their personal experience with violence. Some shirts display fear, anger or pain, while others show hope and healing.

Parents are asked to discuss issues with their children prior to and following the viewing. The Clothesline Project’s goals are to break the silence of violence and to support and encourage survivors in their healing process and their efforts to help others understand the horrors of violence.

The Clothesline Project originated in Hyannis, Mass. in 1990 when members of Cape Cod’s Women’s Defense Agenda learned that, during the same time 58,000 soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War, 51,000 U.S. women were killed by the men who claimed to love them. For additional information, visit the Clatsop Community College Women’s Studies Facebook Events Page at events?key=events. To volunteer for the Clatsop Clothesline Project, or for information about CCC Women’s Studies events and projects, contact Suzi Denight at 503-325-2560 or

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