Beachside Inn

Inside a Beachside Inn guest cottage.

Seaside’s Beachside Inn is getting a refresh. Co-owner Sadie Mercer provided an introduction to the Fifth Avenue building, consisting of cottages built in 1945.

The Mercers and investors Robin and Bill Montero purchased the property at 300 Fifth Ave. in 2015, just before Valentine’s Day. “Within that first weekend, within three days of ownership, we were completely full,” she said. “We were super happy about that. It’s amazing what happens when you get on the internet and get your property on the internet.”

Owning the property has come with some infrastructure challenges, including clogged pipes, rotting showers with painted plywood.

Sadie Mercer addresses members of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce.

“In one unit, I don’t know how anybody managed to not step through the shower because there was no support at all,” Mercer said. “It was crazy.”

None of the trusses supported the roof. During repairs, old beer bottles fell from the rafters. A shooting took place in one of the rooms. “There’s always some shenanigans going on in the business,” Mercer said.

The Beachside rooms are now spruced up, electrical and gas updated, “a complete remodel,” Mercer said.

Units one through eight were modeled last fall. Nine and 10 are in the process of being updated.

As a remote access property, visitors check in at the Seaside Ocean Inn.

Ruth Swenson, owner of the Hillcrest Inn pointed to the reason for the Beachside’s new success. “There are lots of returning guests who prefer to stay here because it’s like their own home. They have a kitchen, fireplaces. They’re not on the beaten path. They’re not actually fighting with the tourists.”

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