SEASIDE — Beach Books will host its fourth annual Written in the Sand author event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17.

Visitors will get the chance to chat with popular local authors as well as authors from elsewhere in the state. Each author will have a table with his or her books and will gladly sign copies.

Refreshments will be served. Guests will also have the opportunity to see art masks by Jorjett Strumme, which are displayed in Beach Books’ loft.

Beach Books is located at 616 Broadway. Written in the Sand authors include:

• Matt Love, author of “The Great Birthright,” “Nice Piece of Astoria,” and “Of Walking in the Rain”;

• Cindy Brown, author of “Macdeath” and “The Sound of Murder”;

• Susan Stoner, author of “Sage Adair Mysteries”;

• Sandy and Scott Blackman, authors of “Oregon Surfing: Central Coast” with a North Coast book coming soon;

• Connie Soper, author of “Exploring the Oregon Coast Trail”;

• Bill Hall, author of “McCallandia”;

• Sher Davidson, author of “Under the Salvadoran Sun”;

• Juliet Cardinal, author of “An Irish Volunteer”;

• Robert Hamm, author of “Bcoming Oregon: from Expedition to Exposition”;

• Nancy Slavin, author of “Oregon Pacific,” a work of poetry;

• Carolyn Rose, author of the “No Substitute for...” mystery series;

• Paula Judith Johnson, author of “Second Time Around” and “Starting Over”;

• Gloria Linkey, author of “Native American Women”;

• Melissa Eskue Ousley, author of the Solas Beir Trilogy and the upcoming young adult novel “Sunset Empire”;

• Honey Perkel, author of “House of Sand,” the upcoming “Between Two Shores” and other books; and

• Brian Ratty, author of “Destination Astoria,” “ Tillamook Passage” and others.

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