Artwork in Gearhart

“Trantler 2020” by Keri Rosebraugh.

Sweet Shop owner Traci Williams envisions the new sculpture in her outdoor garden on Pacific Way as a way to encourage conversations about unity and diversity.

A work by Marnay Sur Seine, France-based artist Keri Rosebraugh, “Trantler 2020” will be unveiled in the newly redesigned outdoor area later this month. The sculpture, described as depicting a tree and an antler, aims to foster unity in the challenges Gearhart faces with the elk in the community and the clear-cutting of trees, Rosebraugh said.

According to the artist, the sculpture positions itself as an unbiased piece of artwork observing the challenge aspects of humans’ relationship with nature, and to promote critical thinking towards the connection between preserving our planet and protecting a healthy economy.

The sculpture speaks to “what’s driving Gearhart right now,” she added.

Workers from Discrete Concrete in Seaside lay a foundation for a statue by Keri Rosebraugh, coming to the Sweet Shop on June 19.

Workers dug and filled a 2-foot deep concrete base, Rosebraugh said. “They’ll leave it cure for a week, then they’ll drill holes with epoxy when they install it.”

The 12-foot-high blended form of an elk antler and tree was fabricated in the state from a combination of Douglas fir and bronze. Local landscape contractor Daniel Sturgell of 3D Landscaping assisted with the concrete, stone and plant design. Form 3D in Portland worked with Bamboo Revolution to carve the wooden part of the sculpture and the bronze fabrication was cast by Blue Mountain Fine Art in Baker City.

Funding comes from the Oregon Coast Visitors Association and Travel Oregon.

The installation will bring an educational and cultural component, including lectures or special events, Williams said.

“Obviously we didn’t know we would have a pandemic or civil upheaval over police issues, but I think this is a talking point for unity in these times,” Williams said.

Native grasses will surround the sculpture, and tables will be placed “as much as allowed for COVID.”

Williams and Rosebraugh have been good friends since fourth grade, Rosebraugh said. “I grew up in Tigard and grew up with many relatives on the coast.”

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