Trio Loco

The chimichangas are delicious and they give you lots of guacamole.

Last week Mr. Sax and I had an unusual day. What was unusual was we went out for lunch. Lunch at our house is a mundane affair; we eat, but not for fun, as much as for sustenance. My usual lunch is almond butter smeared on a rice cake. For variety, I might top it off with a couple of slices of banana, or a cut up strawberry. Mr. Sax, who comes home for lunch, favors a glass of kefir, although occasionally he shows up with a pastrami sandwich from the Tsunami Sandwich Company, or smoked salmon with capers and onion (“The New Yorker”) from Bagels By The Sea.

Sometimes he brings home sushi from Safeway or a tuna sub from Subway. If he brings home any of these things, we share. We’re not in the habit of having leftovers for lunch, largely because we rarely have leftovers, and if we do, in the interest of retaining our figures and our food budget, I reimagine them in some way (like served over rice or pasta) for another dinner.

Nevertheless, last week for no particular reason, we went out to lunch. We went to El Trio Loco on Highway 101 in Gearhart. We hadn’t been in awhile. The last time we went I swear the restaurant was smaller, but then again, we haven’t been in awhile.

The main thing I recalled from our last visit is that El Trio Loco has a vast menu and their margaritas are gigantic. The margaritas actually come in two sizes, small and regular. They have basic margaritas, as well as fancier ones. They also have cosmopolitans, mojitos, and other Mexican cocktails, and, of course, beer.

If you were to visit the restaurant’s Facebook page, you’ll see people raving about the fajitas but griping they don’t have queso or horchata, but this seems a minor complaint. El Trio Loco has a lot of food to choose from and they put a lot of food on the plate. They have four styles of huevos if you arrive when the restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and you’re in the mood for breakfast. They have tostados and sopitos and tacos al pastor. They have brocheta de camaron, which is grilled skewered shrimp; they have seafood chile relleno y mas. In addition to chicken, shrimp, and steak fajitas, they offer a family style fajitos that comes with enough Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole and warm tortillas to easily feed two very hungry adults or two modestly hungry adults in the company of a couple of young children. They have a menu specifically for children twelve years and under. They have nine different kinds of enchiladas, and nine beef dishes, including steak a la diabla, top sirloin, and T-bone. There are multiple choices for those who eat cheese, but not fish or meat. There are 10 different chicken dishes, and I haven’t even gotten to the burritos. On our recent visit, I focused on the lunch menu, which is smaller and more manageable, and ordered chimichangas.

Against my better judgment I ordered a margarita. I ordered the regular-sized one. I can’t remember now exactly what it cost, but it was very reasonably priced and came with a lot of alcohol. It arrived at the table in what appeared to be a glass tureen, or maybe it was a fish bowl. All I can say is was it went down fast.

As soon as we ordered our drinks, our server, who was delightfully attentive but not intrusive, brought to the table a bowl of salsa and a bowl of chips. He also brought a bowl of puréed refried beans. They were a perfect accompaniment to the margarita. By the time my chimichangas arrived I was in a very good mood and frankly not at all hungry.

Mr. Sax also over-ordered (he got three different kinds of tacos a la carte) so we asked for a box. The rest of that afternoon passed in a pleasant haze. I don’t recommend margaritas at lunch if you’re a working stiff, but heck yeah if you’re on vacation. Hey, tequila rules.

The next day at home we had the leftovers for lunch.

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