Feeling somewhat stressed and worn out as an old mop, I booked myself a facial with Kristi Carson, a massage therapist and facialist working at Seaside Massage and Spa. Kristi and I met when I came to interview Alishia Ryan who owns the place. We had an immediate rapport; when she told me she loves doing facials, I made a mental note to follow up.

I signed up for the spa’s Mermaiden Signature Facial which includes a complete assessment of the skin, followed by a custom treatment directed to achieve optimum radiance. The facial included quite a bit of massage — arms, shoulders, décolleté — and it was very soothing and relaxing and wonderful for the complexion. Kristi primarily used products the spa sells, most particularly Essance Skincare, a Portland-made brand created by Jasmine Tran, made from natural ingredients and essential oils. Kristi also slathered my face with some rare kind of honey, yes, honey, the kind you eat, and I think that was my favorite part, aside, of course, from her light but decisive touch. At one point she asked if I was up for some extractions and I immediately said yes. She also offers a Mermaizing mini facial; back facials that exfoliate and remove blackheads, as well as facials for men. The men’s executive facial is a relaxing steam and cleansing treatment. To book your appointment, call or text 971-320-0624, or log on to www.bookseasidemassage.com/facials.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s, I took a lot of walks. The young dog and I were both getting fat from an abundance of holiday food. We walked in the Cove and on the Prom; one day while we were walking, we met a New York City dog. It was a small dog, attached to a 30-something woman who told me she and her husband live in Manhattan on Eleventh Street. I was dumbfounded. This is not something that happens to me every day.

I told her once upon a time I lived in the city only a few blocks from where she lived. I told her I’d lived on Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village and we discussed all the not-so-wonderful changes to that part of the city including the recent closing of a famous place called The Cornelia Street Café, popular for 41 years. She said prior to moving to 11th Street, she’d also lived on Cornelia.

“I loved that street. It was such a neighborhood. I should have just stayed there,” she said.

She said she’d be in town for another week, but I knew odds were slim we’d cross paths. She said her husband is from Portland and his family, who mainly live in Portland, have a place in Seaside.

Despite an approximate 30 year difference in our ages, I really liked her and her dog. She said her name is Nicky or Nicole and she told me her last name, which I sadly forgot. Meanwhile, maybe someone in her husband’s family is reading this and will pass it on.

I hope to see you again on the Prom sometime, Nicky or Nicole.

And that might happen, because you never know.

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