I feel compelled to voice my concern over what I see happening in our local government. I was disheartened to learn that Commissioner Scott Lee is calling for the resignation of his colleague, Commissioner Lianne Thompson. As I understand it, Commissioner Thompson has not only lived up to the requirements of her position but also goes above and beyond. Does Ms. Thompson intimidate Mr. Lee?

The Astorian reported that Mr. Lee’s call for resignation is based on two factors. First, that Commissioner Thompson placed her hands on another when expressing a point. Personally I have not seen improper behaviors or gestures from her in any setting. Lianne is respectful and caring. Frankly this school yard charge is below the office of Commissioner Lee. Second, Mr. Lee cites the amount of reimbursement is higher than expected. I would expect higher expenses from one who is so active in their position. I know Lianne to be frugal and environmentally conscious.

Lianne Thompson lives, eats and breathes her role as District 5 Clatsop County Commissioner. If she isn’t at an event or meeting, she’s on her way to or just leaving one. She’s been doing extensive travel for the county, when required. When not so engaged, she’s most likely at a city or county event. If her expenses for reimbursement were higher than expected, it’s because she does more than is expected.

She is engaged with our community, talks and listens to everyone. When she was elected as our commissioner, she gave up her position as the Cannon Beach Cert Coordinator in order to better serve the county. She is still a Cert and continues to be active. She is also active on the Cannon Beach Medical Reserve Corp as well as the Red Cross and Cert/MRC county HAM net. It is within those parameters that I have had the good fortune of working with Lianne. Along with emergency preparedness, Lianne understands our needs for sustainable forestry, affordable housing, schools, jobs and the business community. She does all this voluntarily.

For those reasons I’m concerned that Mr. Lee doesn’t recognize the value Lianne brings to Clatsop County. What the District 5 voters recognize in Lianne is her dedication, her background, education, her sincerity and her passion. I commend all who volunteer for their city or county.

I have never known Lianne to be anything but professional, gracious and kind. That she is willing to give so much of herself to our county and our communities, makes her invaluable. District 5 is fortunate to have Commissioner Lianne Thompson. When she is up for reelection I will vote for her again.

Paula Vetter

Cannon Beach

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