Today’s edition includes a special section profiling the 2019 Seaside High School graduating class. It’s one of our most popular features, connecting families all across the community with this year’s flock of fledglings as they prepare to leave the nest. Leafing through the section is both nostalgic and hopeful — from ”How can they be 18 already?!” to “Wow, that kid has got a great future plan.”

But I’ll share a little secret with you--this section is never easy to put together--it takes many hours not only for high school staffers to collect the photos and information from the students, but for our team to manually enter the information, format the pages, match and edit the bios with the photos, collect and match sponsors and prepare for print. It’s a big endeavor.

So here’s a shout out to the group that really makes it possible: local advertisers.

Without the support of the local businesses who buy ads and sponsor student photographs, this annual graduation section would not happen. It’s their support that pays for the time, production and printing to commemorate one of the most important recognition sections we publish for this community.

As you leaf through the pages of the section, I know you’ll enjoy looking through the faces and bios of graduating seniors. Also pay attention to the advertising sponsors. This year, every student has a sponsor. That’s an incredible show of support for the 2019 graduating class of Seaside High School. Kids, your local business community is awesome.

Congratulations, Seaside High School class of 2019! We hope that you’ll enjoy today’s section and it’s celebration of your achievement for years to come--and thank your sponsors.

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