The first choir practice of September almost coincided with my birthday. As a participant for many years, they invited me to a pizza party prior to practice. I walked both ways to church in the evening hours — a workout for me. I missed the Sixth Avenue turnout coming home so I kept on going to 10th. On the way, Tessa Beardsley came out of her house along with her mother Gerry Jandrall Beardsley. Tessa walked me the rest of the way home, being the nice girl that she is. We go back a long way to the Seaside Clinic when she came in as a tad with a broken leg. So much water under the bridge. It was an interesting moonlit night. I had watched the two big helicopters go over — always a thrill. I saw my first one many years ago. At that time it was called an autogyro.

It was so good to realize that the telephone poles were gone and the overhead wires although there is still no light. I do detest the metal boxes, which are the new way to store electrical equipment — I think. Maybe they should be covered with ruffled petticoats, Ha, or ivy or honeysuckle. The green color itself is so ugly, although future plantings will help come. When will we have the parade? (Just walking citizens, if need be.) Maybe by Thanksgiving. It’s hard to make predictions in such a case when so many deadlines have already passed.

On the 9/11 weekend, I had several family members come to town — a son and daughter; A daughter-in-law; a granddaughter and her husband. We were quite busy. They took me out for breakfast, lunch and a birthday dinner, which was “YOOJ” for me. My son had ordered a cake and when the kids sang happy birthday to me, several patrons in the restaurant joined in. I think some clapped. It was cool, even though I had to get old to deserve it. If one celebrates her birthday for three days, does that mean she’s three years older? Yikes! One of my meals out was at the Buoy Beer Co. in Astoria. My pretty redheaded granddaughter took Robin and me. This time there were three sea lions at the viewing station, under Plexiglas below the restaurant. One was a tremendous size and a fracas over napping territory ensued. I froze at dinner because a door to the river was open throughout our stay.

As I’ve told you, I had a lot of company for my birthday. I was honored, pampered and entertained, but it was a great disappointment to me, too, to have missed the Legion picnic on 9/11. I look forward to that event every year, having been a member of the auxiliary for 69 years. And they always have strawberry shortcake not used at the Fourth of July celebration. Darn!

Laugh Lines:

Wife: “You know that new car you bought me, Harry? It won’t start.”

Harry: “What do you mean? Why won’t it start?”

Wife: “I think there’s water in the carburetor.”

Harry: “Good grief, woman. You don’t know a carburetor from a tail pipe. I’ll check it. Where is that car, anyway?”

Wife: “It’s in the swimming pool!” (Courtesy of John Hagee.)

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