I am not well educated and not too smart. I learned two things reading Mr. Murray E. Stanley Jr’s. letter in The Daily Astorian (“In the dark,” July 1). First, I learned that democracy is a system by which the majority can tell the minority what to do, and to make their lives miserable. Second, I learned that the Second Amendment is a lie.

I know that firearm owners are a vast minority. There are reasons for that. Firearms are dangerous. Legal firearms are expensive to buy and keep. There is a lot of responsibility demanded of firearm owners, and a lot of red tape to get through if one wishes to buy, sell, keep or carry them around. In fact, a firearm owner may have his or her firearm taken away for no reason by the authorities … without compensation, or adequate explanation.

Isn’t it funny that nice safe places like “gun free” schools are the places where these sad massacres — committed by little, cowardly, psychological basket-cases — commonly occur?

Many more folks than ever before are arming themselves. They perceive that the world today is a dangerous place, even here in the U.S. Because the world is what it is, it is bound to be more dangerous in the future. More and more people are going to have to buy and keep firearms if they want to remain safe.

If you haven’t noticed, it is the poorer people who are exposed to the gravest dangers. They are the people who need firearms the most. Laws and such that try to restrict firearm ownership always have the greatest impact on the poor and needy.

Meanwhile, crooks, malcontents, professional killers and psychopaths can buy firearms on the black market, and in some cases from certain police departments. Or, for that matter, they can make their own, for a fraction of the price charged by legitimate outlets.

In some cases, it seems that those who supposedly are there to guard our safety— from the local police to a certain U.S. attorney general — have been anxious to arm criminals in order to give the Second Amendment a bad name. They have even armed criminals outside the borders of the U.S., where there is no Second Amendment.

Benjamin A. Greaves


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