A boon for the community

Seaside Fire Chief Joey Daniels, volunteer Dalton Smith, Jeremy Mills and Div. Chief Chris Dugan.

Sometimes in life those around us inspire us to do better, to do more to help the community we live in.

Earlier this year Dalton Smith was inspirational to me, his drive and dedication to fundraising for our local volunteer fire deptartment was hard work but he stepped up to the plate. After seeing his motivation take shape, I felt called to do the same. After looking at what Dalton was able to accomplish I thought what can I do to make our city better and how can State Farm and I get involved. That’s when I found the Quotes for Good Program from State Farm. This wonderful program allows Misty and me to increase our ability to do more and to give more to our local projects.

Here is how Quotes for Good works. Every time a new household calls in for a quote and mentions Quotes for Good we will personally donate $5 to a different nonprofit each month and State Farm will match 50%. This is huge for us because it helps us to make a bigger impact. There are no purchase requirements for us to give, only that the quotes be for someone new to State Farm and they have to mention the Quotes for Good Program.

In this same desire to help, I’ve also decided to make this interactive for our community. The second week of each month we will start a Facebook Poll for the next month’s recipient. Some of the projects near and dear to my heart are the Lunch Buddies Mentorship Program, the Seaside Heights Elementary Book Nook, Sunset Park and Rec Scholarship Program and any others that our community would like to see benefit. In the Poll we will leave a space for write-ins and really hope to see all of Clatsop participate. The only requirement I have is that the nonprofit or project must use any donation given to benefit our local community directly.

We will continue giving thru the Quotes for Good program for as long as we have community involvement as well as our normal dedication to our local kids. My hope is that we are able to donate anywhere between $500 to $1000 a month ourselves and then bring in the extras from State Farm. I hope this opportunity will truly help each recipient better serve their needs. So please go to Facebook and like our page then check in each month and vote for who we can bless next!

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