On April 7, we had Kiwanis pancakes and sausage at the convention center. It brought back memories of Mayor Joyce Williams and Herb Schlappi vying with each other to see who could sell the most tickets. Since they were both members of my church, I alternated between the two in purchasing mine. There’s always good conversation with friends we sometimes see only then. They still haven’t changed to the plastic ketchup containers with the pointed dispenser on the top for syrup, though. I’ve used them before and they don’t drip contents down the side as the glass ones do, sticking up everything in sight.

I’m a gestures watcher on TV. What a weird school that is for actors who sell products. Most look so silly when the sound is turned off. The way they use their arms and hands — in symmetry or one at a time — is so meaningless. Why don’t they just stand still with arms at their sides and twitch a finger now and then? Sheesh! I get tired just watching all the exercise. Another infuriating trick is bending a couple of fingers on each hand, supposedly simulating quotations. It’s time to give it up.

Robin and I took the trivia test at Riley’s while we were having dinner one night and did surprisingly well; it does your heart good to be able to still keep up.

What does it mean to “love on” somebody, as opposed to just loving them? When a person says it aloud, it really doesn’t sound very good. I always have a cat’s ear for word usage. Perhaps it’s our international makeup which seems to be adding so many strange expressions so quickly. And why do today’s conversationalists say they have it “out” for someone rather than that they have it “in” for them? If you guys are going to change everything, at least try to make an improvement.

I was sad to read of the death of Donald Falleur on April 22. I didn’t really know him although we rode the same Greyhound bus to Astoria when I worked at St. Mary’s. Donald was a chubby kid of about 10 at that time. He got on the bus somewhere in Warrenton on Highway 101, perhaps near Camp Rilea on his way to Star of the Sea school and was a familiar person for quite a while. One of his relatives, I think, was an officer at Ft. Stevens and was significant in my husband’s life during the war. And, then to have his wife follow him in four days must be so heartbreaking for the family. We offer them our deepest sympathy.

Though my memories of Donald are from so long ago, I know many will miss him.

That was an interesting picture of the Crown Princess cruise ship arriving in Astoria Thursday. It’s not clear what kind of birds are flying through the super-structure, but they look to be gulls, ducks or geese. Who can tell? They do have a nice straight line going. It’s a great picture.

I saw a woman at Safeway on Tuesday with a two-foot bag full of carrots and had to ask her, “Do you have rabbits?” And she said, “No, horses.” Live and learn.

Skydiving without a parachute is a once in a lifetime experience.

Claire Lovell is a longtime resident of Seaside.

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