County Commissioner Lianne Thompson

Lianne Thompson

We Clatsop County commissioners are here as community leaders, elected by the voters in our district, with an intention to do good. How we develop our definitions of that good is our individual effort. However we choose to use our voice, our vote, and our actions is up to us.

We collaborate with our colleagues to define and accomplish the work of our collective body, the board. We act to further our work by our liaison assignments.

That much, I think, we can agree on.

After that, we have differences. How we resolve those differences arising as our intentions are translated into words and actions determines our effectiveness and results.

My commitment is to do good for the benefit of Clatsop County, the people and the place. When I succeed, let us rejoice together. When I fail, forgive me, and let’s try to do better. I’ll do the same for you. That is the heart of good teamwork, and we are a team.

I thank my predecessors for their service and hope to honor them and our common cause, good representation and good value to the people and the place, Clatsop County. Several of them are in the audience tonight. Thanks to them for letting me stand on their shoulders.

I am humbly grateful to the voters in District 5 for making me their elected County Commissioner again. Looking at the history of elections since the Home Rule Charter was enacted, I see that I am the only commissioner so far to be elected to more than one successive term. Only one other commissioner has had two terms, but there was a break in service, so those terms weren’t successive.

I thank the voters for trusting me to continue serving them so we can all benefit from continuity of leadership, here in Clatsop County and beyond.

I thank everyone I serve with and for, treasuring the opportunity to make a positive difference. Let us now join together to do good by completing the work begun in 2011 to define the mission of County government and the related “ends policies,” so that we can evaluate ourselves and our new County Manager.

Let us also perform liaisons assignments to best inform our actions by including the impact on our larger world. Most of all, let us perpetuate our own excellence, fearlessly examining our strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve our efforts and effectiveness.

I pledge to do all that, on behalf of the voters in District 5, and for everyone in Clatsop County and beyond.

Lianne Thompson is Clatsop County Commissioner, District 5.

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