Why doesn’t the person who owns the little train on Broadway either fix it up or remove it so someone else can use the space? I see little children with their fingers clasped in the fence, look longingly at the little choo choo and wish they could take a ride. They used to have Gayway Park. Now there are the carousel, bumper cars and a Bucket on the Beach. Whoopee!

There hasn’t been any movement at the renovation of the Beacon Hotel, either. What has been done looks good, but please, let it go on.

I know there are other opinions. I’ll always believe old Seaside was a lot more fun.

The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness were both great to watch. I had plans to take in the Belmont Stakes for a day at the races. Darn! My TV was on the wrong station and by the time I’d figured that out, American Pharoah had already won the Triple Crown by five and a half lengths. They had a couple of re-runs of the final few seconds. I’d hoped for the total race, but NBC was so jealous of its ownership.

On the 24th, I went with my niece Judy and her husband Mike to the Sunday Market in Astoria. I’m not very good under those conditions because of all the walking. I’m also too thrifty to pay their inflated prices so it’s mostly just a tour. I did get some caramel corn and Judy bought me some yakisoba noodles. It was good but saltless. There were lots of dogs on hand. A least three Great Danes and two little Chihuahua pups stood out. One of the Danes looked more like a horse. Lots of other pooches gave no trouble.

Several of our friends lately have been hospitalized with dehydration. Evidently they forgot the admonition to drink six to eight glasses of water every day. In warmer weather when we exercise more and meals are more irregular, it behooves us to remember to drink — H2O or juice — that is. It’s really important for electrolyte balance and optimum good health. What would we do if we lived in Africa where people have been dropping from 120-degree temperatures and water is scarce? Drink! Drink!

I had another long walk the other day. My legs were hurting and I had to hesitate from time to time. A guy drove by and stopped to tell me, “You need to pick up the speed a little.” In my usual sweet way, I told him, “Look out or I’ll hit you with my stick!” What a relief to finally get home.

I called Dooger’s on June 6 to see if the flags were out downtown. They weren’t. If ever we would honor our fallen heroes, it should certainly be D-Day. So many of our young men probably knew they’d never wake up on June 7 after Omaha Beach and yet they went bravely to the task at hand, fighting to save our country and our world. Though we owe them so much, many get short shrift from our government.

Laugh lines:

Children in the back seat cause accidents. Or is it “accidents in the back seat cause children?”

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