Need new mayor

To the editor,

I have been coming to Gearhart with my family to visit my stepmother, Eleanore Latourette, since the early 1970s. We’ve had our own home in Little Beach since the mid-1980s, so I feel I have inherited the long-standing Gearhart mindset that I love: Unwind and enjoy the quiet lifestyle of the beach.

After attending Gearhart City Council meetings for the past year, I have pieced together the bigger picture. In summary, this wonderful lifestyle is being taken away under the administration of Mayor Dianne Widdop. We really need a new mayor.

In 20 years of city government, the last two as mayor, Mayor Widdop has learned very little about City Council and how it functions. She has no understanding of, or the importance of, following Robert’s Rules of Order, making many in the audience wonder: “Was that done correctly?”; “Is this going to be legal?”; “What are they doing up there?” Gearhart’s city attorney offers little, if any, guidance to help sort out the chaos.

There is a repeated voting pattern consisting of the same individuals in a 3-2 decision each time. It’s as if the decisions were made ahead of time, in what’s called in the corporate world a “daisy chain.” All perfectly legal, but it doesn’t pass the smell test. It has become clear that we have a major blockade in service to the citizens of Gearhart. Residents’ comments are not respected as valuable during City Council meetings, or at coffee with the mayor.

Mayor Widdop has her own hidden agenda: New, and/or pending ordinances; burning permits for residential fire pits, short term rentals, mandatory garbage, a new pending recreational vehicle parking ordinance. All unnecessary. All of these are a “solution” where there is no problem.

The “Restore Trust” movement to recall Mayor Widdop has been based on full facts and integrity supported by Oregon’s Secretary of State. These values are not going away in the last few days of this recall election, and need to be re-established with the election of a new mayor in Gearhart.

You can read more at, We spoke to residents for three full months. Most want a successful recall — we’re called the “silent majority.”

Please join all of us and vote yes to recall Mayor Dianne Widdop.

Harold T. Gable,


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