Many of us might remember growing up in a time when drugs and drinking, foul language and all manner of loose living was rare and even discouraged.

Wow, have things changed! I wonder if we have any clue what happened and how. Remember when you didn’t have to lock your door, when a handshake would seal the deal? A man’s word could be trusted.

How about a marriage that lasted a lifetime. That sure would be nice if kids could count on the folks being together for their kids to see them growing up.

Is it just me, or has a dark cloud covered the earth? Has the human race totally lost its mind?

This did not happen over night, but slowly — hardly getting our attention. Generation after generation, until we see what a terrible mess we’ve made of things. There seems to be a universal condition that has us bent on our destruction, a powerful illness taking its toll. I have the cure for sin. Ask me how?

The truth will set you free.

Robert Register


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