Serving on a government board is very difficult. The knowledge required is immense plus the time to research and analyze all sides of an issue. The role may also lead to sleepless nights trying to decide what is best for all.

I asked each of you several months ago to stop and research the proposal to purchase Broadway Middle School thoroughly and get the public (taxpayers) involved but it appears you are proceeding ahead without doing this.

Where is Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District’s business plan for the property and district, the strategic plan (being worked on now), and is this something your bosses (taxpayers) want? Maybe they do or would after they have all the facts.

Over the past few months, more information has been uncovered. It seems many discussions have been held behind closed doors and we, taxpayers, would appreciate having the information. Ideas have been floated that maybe your employees haven’t thought of, i.e. asking the school district to split the property. Private individuals, who wish to use the gyms for their private financial gain, could purchase them. The school and SEPRD could rent the space as needed and the property would be back on the tax rolls. Also, removal by a private developer of the old school and new construction for commercial use, could be another opportunity.

Please listen and talk to us. We all wish what is best for our community so let’s work together.

Margene Ridout

Former SEPRD board member

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