We are concerned taxpayers about the proposed purchase of Broadway Middle School by the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District.

First being why we have to purchase property that we already own. We don’t need to pay for this property again. If SEPRD wants the property, then have the school district donate the property to SEPRD. If they don’t donate then do it the proper way and have a vote to ascertain the public wishes on the expenditure.

Secondly, in 2018 in a run up to expanding the facility, Archibald stated in a public meeting that acquiring and updating Broadway School would exceed the $20 million that he was asking to be authorized by vote. Apparently he has changed his mind now. But we still need a vote on this matter.

Why does a board that has only one elected person on it have the authority to pass another tax onto the public, already overtaxed in this jurisdiction?

Lastly why is the SEPRD allowed to have closed meetings and keep the public in ignorance on this measure?

As taxpayers we should have the right to accept or reject this measure. We do not need any more taxes, particularly with the state of the economy and the number of businesses closed and people not working due to COVID. This is a bad idea at this time and we do not need any more taxes.

Bill and Pam Bryan


Open letter to Sen. Brian Boquist: In response to your weekly update email to me, “The Government that Cried Wolf,” a couple of facts and a humble opinion:

I have been a registered Republican for well over 40 years. The surge in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has been exponential over the last month. The vaccine must be thoroughly vetted to ensure all Americans are confident of its efficacy.

Masking is our front-line measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And it is in our voluntary capability to do our part to help slow the spread until that vaccine can be safely distributed.

I could go on but, suffice it to say, the drivel of partisan and selfish hype you are spreading is one of the reasons the country is experiencing the maxing out of intensive care unit negative-air rooms and the number of hospital staff required to work in those rooms.

Refrigerator semitrailers in Iowa full of the deceased, shortages of personal protection equipment, lack of sufficient reagents for testing kits, medical staff overwhelmed and resources strained to the breaking point, and you’re attacking the very system we rely on to keep us safe?

Shame on you. The story you are spreading should be titled “The Senator who cried Lamb.” COVID-19 is not a political football. It is a deadly and virulent disease that is killing us, man, woman and child, while you insist on failing to help contain that scourge.

Paul Dueber

Cannon Beach

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