It seems that vacation rental owners have forgotten that they are operating businesses in residential zoning, and that it is a privilege, not a right.

When our neighborhoods began being depopulated by them it was necessary for the city to create ordinances to address the myriad problems they imported. Complaining about any fees, licenses or fines smacks of undeserved entitlement at best.

Sandy Rea


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Ted Mittelstaedt

I submit that this entire Vacation Rental debate is pretty much pointless. The City of Seaside has published a map of all Vacation Rental houses, the Federal Government has published multiple Tsunami and flood maps, anyone can overlay one map on top of the other, and see immediately that nobody who wants to buy a home, live in Seaside, and raise a family long term is going to be risking their children's safety, their retirement nest egg, and their own life by buying a home in any neighborhood where the vacation rentals are clustered.

If Seaside had done what Gerhart did and ban vacation rental homes, the housing stock West of the Necanicum would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars less than it is now, and much of it would be getting more and more run down and slummy every year. The reality is that the vacation rental homes West of the river are providing the jobs and economic horsepower to enable the permanent residents to fund construction of new homes East of the river, and thereby gradually over time migrate the community to safer ground. Seaside is not Cannon Beach where much of the city is safely up out of harm's way. Seaside essentially figured out a way to get out-of-town money to pay the billions and billions needed to protect itself. Don't think for one second that the people running the town are going to mess that up by killing the goose with the golden eggs! Honk! :-)

William Quigley

In my humble opinion

William Quigley

To Sandy , I think what you are doing is biting the hand that feeds you . Seaside is a tourist destination , With out vacation rentals and hotels the city would dry up. Think about all the restaurants and shops on Broadway that are supported . I am sure most residents who live their full time take there business to Warrenton or Portland .

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