Joe Goffman, President Biden’s assistant administrator of the Environmental Protection Administration’s Office of Air and Radiation is attempting to sneak around Congress a further tightening of carbon monoxide standards by tightening ozone standards.

Congress has been deliberately passing legislation since 1992 strengthening clean air rules.

Between 1980 and 2019, Co2 emissions dropped 75% with an 85% improvement in air quality according to the EPA’s own data.

Sneaking around Congress isn’t the way to do this.

Try this instead:

Impose a tariff on all goods produced in countries not meeting American EPA standards. This will reduce Co2 plus sulfur dioxide, arsenic, mercury, and other poisoning particulates emitted from dirty pacific rim coal.

Domestic companies struggle to compete with production in India, China, Vietnam, and others largely because they abuse the environment. If we bring production back to America, the EPA can monitor it.

The whole world wins.

Wayne Mayo


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