This letter was sent to members of the Seaside School District Board of Directors. It is printed at the writers’ request.

Dear Seaside School District Board Member,

We are writing you as a taxpayers in your district, concerned about the sale of Broadway Middle School to Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District, another entity to which we pay taxes.

We understand you are considerably over budget on the new school we are providing for you and are motivated to sell the property, as evidenced by the fact that you practically gave away Gearhart Elementary. We voters supported you when we passed Measure 4-206. We now need your support.

As you may be aware, the citizens in the district are opposed to the sale of the middle school without voter approval. The SEPRD board had asked for a 60-day extension for their due diligence and you only granted them 30. What motivated you to deny their request? The citizens in the district deserve the right to vote whether this transaction should be finalized. The school district, also being a public entity, owes it to its citizens to allow SEPRD time to develop a business plan and present it for a vote.

We understand Seaside School District finds the middle school of value if SEPRD takes control of the property because you will be able to use the lockers and the gyms when needed. But the middle school is a large property in a prime location. That said, the gyms are on the least desirable part of this large piece of land. Has the district considered subdividing the property prior to a sale? This corner, being all publicly owned, could serve the purposes of the city, SEPRD and the school district if divided up to benefit all entities. This is an ideal opportunity for these three public entities in Seaside to sit down together to properly allocate the properties to best serve the public. The school district could then sell off the remaining property. This could be a win-win for all involved.

We taxpayers feel that the public entities, which we own, owe it to us to work together for the best interest of its citizens.

We ask you to withdraw from the sale of Broadway Middle School at this time to allow a feasible plan to be worked out and presented to the people for a vote.

Diane Wells

Transparency for SEPRD Taxpayers

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