This letter was sent to members of the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District board of directors. It is reprinted at the writer’s request.

It’s very disappointing to learn that I care much more for the aquatic complex than executive director Skyler Archibald or any board member.

We the taxpayers have to count on you to properly care for the pool, and you have absolutely no interest in learning where and why the pool has the problems that it does. I could easily show you, but you clearly don’t care.

You even want to take money that has been set aside to care for the many deficiencies at the pool and use it to try to buy Broadway Middle School.

What are you thinking? You have no additional budget to pay for BMS maintenance from the city. Does this mean that the pool will sink further with even less maintenance?

I would suggest that the middle school purchase be tabled until after the next election. There is no other potential buyer around. If you continue in your plan to buy the middle school, the election should remove most or all of you on the board now.

The people of Seaside don’t want more debt and more obligations. The first thing that will happen with a new board will be defaulting on the loan that you are applying for now. Please be sure to tell them that four out of five of you were not elected by the taxpayers and that they can expect a default with the election in June.

When that happens, what will you have accomplished? You will be preventing SEPRD from getting funding in the future for something that’s actually needed. There is a reason that the schools were moved. The threat of tsunami. Seaside is overdue according to the scientists. Do you really want to put more people in the danger zone?

You should be developing a plan to move the aquatic center and everything else up the hill. That will be difficult given the poor job that you’ve done taking care of the aquatic center that you have now.

My offer to show you some of the many problems at the aquatic center stands. Do you care enough to make the time to learn?

John C. Huismann


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