Today I talked with Seaside Mayor Jay Barber. I asked him why and who made the decision of closing Seaside beach to locals when all other beaches are allowing their locals on the beach, even though all Oregon beaches are closed to visitors.

He told me he and the City Council decided to close the beach to us locals was because of the camera that is located on the Shilo Inn on Broadway in Seaside. The mayor told me he could do nothing about the camera because it was owned by the “media.” Well, in doing research I found out that the camera is really owned by the owner of Shilo Inn, Mark Hemstreet. A Portland news station said they did not own the camera and laughed, stating they think our problem is political. Let’s hope not.

This is a real injustice for the residents of Seaside, because the beach is our backyard. We are on it every day, fishing, clamming and walking our dogs.

I feel the City Council and mayor could have contacted the owner of the Shilo Inn and asked him to please turn the camera off until the governor raises the stay at home rule. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Now, I will call the Shilo Inn and do the job of others.

Judy Fralia-Mantello


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(2) comments

Shawn Emil

So the reason of the beach closure is a camera ? This article doesn’t accomplish anything .....

William Quigley

Thank You for bring this to light , the City council never told this to anyone before, first time I have heard that , how about some transparency . It is a shame if we want to walk on the beach , we have to drive to Gerhart .

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