On May 19, we face a critical decision in our District 2 County Commission race. We face dire 
economic conditions that require strength, experience, acumen and leadership to
 protect our businesses and families. John Toyooka, Clatsop College Foundation Board member, Lum’s Auto Center manager, and US Naval Academy graduate, possesses all of these attributes. He is uniquely positioned in our community to be ready on Day 1 to help us recover.

Sarah Nebeker cannot make these claims. A review of each candidate’s statement in the online Voter’s Pamphlet contrasts John’s real world skills to Nebeker’s platitudes that “lead from behind.”

Find the online pamphlet on the County Elections page, May 19 Primary tab.

Note John’s substantive community endorsements. Nebeker has none.

Don’t be fooled by the line items that Nebeker piled into her resume. Her most effective role seems to be that of a “Portland placeholder.”

Our county cannot recover if a leader’s loyalty lies with an outside Portland agenda.

John’s philosophies align with Betsy Johnson’s record.

Nebeker supports cap-and-trade that threatens our largest county revenues and compounds family suffering. She refused a $200 million timber settlement, per her ‘principles’. How can she look anyone in the eye who has just lost their job or their business?

Municipal Workers: remember that your paychecks depend on local tax revenues.

No matter how you have voted in the past, this time, vote like your paycheck depends on it …. because it does.

John Toyooka is the right person for right now.

Cynthia Malkowski


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