I am opposed to the SEPRD purchasing Broadway Middle School.

The Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District was formed on the backs of local citizens who put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to build an enclosed swimming pool for their children and the Seaside community. The Sunset pool greatly enhances the livability of this area by providing a facility to learn to swim, exercise in a warm non-weight bearing environment and to recreate.

Please do not jeopardize our pool by rushing ahead with the purchase of the former Broadway Middle School.

I seriously question “due diligence” when the taxpayers have had little opportunity to become informed of the cost, hazards, upgrades, maintenance, and operating expenses to name of few of the expenses. As a member of a tax supported body, I would hope you would want their opinions.

With the limited local news sources in this area, I doubt most of the taxpayers are aware of the board’s ill-advised actions.

Please stop the speeding train and do some research before the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District makes a huge decision that could have a very negative impact on our community.

Margene L. Ridout

Former SEPRD board member


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