To Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District board of directors Su Coddington, Michael Hinton and Katharine Parker:

One of the responsibilities of a board of directors is oversight. When Mike Hinton questioned the administrative retirement contributions being over budget, no one asked why.

No one asked why the budgeted amount was nearly exhausted by the end of December. No one asked why the $16,680 budgeted for the 2019-20 fiscal year was increased to $27,180. You could use metrics to only look at those budget items that exceed 10% of the fiscal year’s percentage.

Obviously this would not work for special events as those budgets are generally spent in one fell swoop.

I would also recommend having Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District managers give reports on their respective areas instead of only having the executive director speak at board meetings.

Both the city and the convention center utilize their managers at their meetings.You could generate a list of items you would like them to report upon (i.e., attendance, issues, personnel, facility). This may speed up the process of getting information to the board.

The Broadway Field intergovernmental agreement was on the agenda for the July 21 meeting, yet no board member has ever seen it. Yet you approve SEPRD to perform any maintenance they deem appropriate without any budgeted amount. You could have tabled the motion until you actually read the IGA.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, Mike Hinton and Katherine Parker cannot make a motion to investigate public support of the Broadway Middle School acquisition when they were on the losing side of the motion that was passed to suspend pursuit of the building for a year. Recommend adding parliamentary procedure to your board training.

I was interrupted last night while I was speaking and no one called the room to order. The heckler stated my facts were not true. I stated the salary for the general manager had gone up from $54,016 (actual 2014-15) to $89,000 (budgeted 2019-20) at the same time the finance manager’s salary went up from $32,336 (actual 2014-15) to $62,500 (budgeted 2018-19).

At that point the finance manager left the position and a replacement was hired at $50,000 (budgeted 2019-20). Attached are the sheets from the referenced budgets.

Patrick Duhachek


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