That man from Clackamas County is right (letter, “Time to move transient RVs out of Seaside.”) It’s a travesty that people are living in broken-down RVs parked on the street.

And, unlike housed people and the landlords, they’re using alcohol and drugs! Unlike housed people, these people don’t work or contribute anything to society. Yes, they collect returnables and help keep garbage out of the landfill, maybe. But they’re making a profit on that! How dare they! They could be making, like, $50 a day hogging the returnables machine at the grocery store. That’s only 500 cans and bottles. They’re not poor — they just blow all that cash on drugs. And food!

Plus they’re lazy. I don’t know how they manage to find 500 cans and bottles every day seeing as how they’re stoned and asleep most of the time. Or they’re just looking for trouble. Or scaring the children with their schizophrenia or whatever. Really, they should be encouraged to live in RV parks. But they’d need new RVs, because the RV parks won’t let those POS campers in. Which means they’d need a lot more than 500 cans and bottles a day. They should have jobs!

Why don’t they have jobs? They should be forced to have jobs — not my job, mind you, but some other job. Maybe they could collect garbage or something. They should be doing something productive that makes a profit for someone else, not living off the detritus of the consumer economy.

They should help someone else make a profit, and then they should take their stagnant wages and give that money to a bank, so the bank can make a profit by giving them a mortgage and allowing them to live in a house for $50 a day. Then we wouldn’t have to see them and their naked frailty. I don’t want to see them because there but for the grace of God go I. We should not allow people to be homeless.

People should not have to resort to living on the street and relying on the trash of others to keep them warm. We have plenty of houses, and we have plenty of materials to build more houses if we need them. But as long as houses are used to make profits for the well-off and the wealthy, the man from Clackamas is right. We will continue to see increasing numbers of ugly broken RVs on the street, then the tents, then the impotent anger, the graffiti, the crime, the desperation, and then the burning. Perhaps we should round up all the undesirables, chain them together and drown them in the Pacific. Then we can dismantle their RVs and get them recycled.

Pamela Cromwell


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