To the Editor:

I am a resident of Seaside and am a proud dog owner. Since the weather is getting warmer, more dog owners out walking their dogs, which is awesome. But come on people, the city provides doggie poop bags all along the prom and in its parks, can you please use them! I use them if I am out of mine or out of the plastic grocery bags that work just as nicely. Oh, and just because you happen to use the “poop bags” does not mean you can leave it on the sidewalk either. They also have garbage cans all along there as well as in the parks.

On a daily basis I see people letting their dogs do their business in others’ yards, but turn away like they can’t see them doing it, then walk away leaving the “gift” behind in the person’s yard. Seriously? I went out to walk my dog this morning, and when I got home, someone had let their dog use my yard and didn’t clean it up! Not only is this disrespectful, but as a dog owner who keeps up to date on my dogs health, I don’t know if your dog is. Please do not expose my dog.

I am pretty sure if someone let their dog use your yard, and did not clean it up you would be unhappy, why be that person? Please just be respectful to others and our city, keep it cleaned up for all us.

Tammy Wayne


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