The transient RVs that are being allowed to camp for months across from the public restrooms at 12th and Necanicum need to be moved out of town. These people have expired registration dating back to 2015, they have no insurance, their RVs are not fully functional, some don’t even run, doubtful they have valid divers licenses.

Why is this allowed?

1. The biggest reason is that the RVs can’t be towed because they have a negative value of thousands of dollars. These rigs cost big money to dispose of, nobody will tow them because nobody wants to be stuck paying to get rid of them. Consequently the police don’t even bother enforcing any registration or licensing or insurance laws.

2. The police are tired of chasing them all over town to various neighborhoods where they park if they make them move along. Their theory, “at least we know where they are.”

Watch out because where there was one RV, there is now five RVs, and more to come. Be prepared for Seaside to look like Portland. It won’t take long!

P.S. The people who thought the five-cent bottle deposit would work twice as good if they made it 10 cents were idiots. Now we have created a livable “lifestyle” for the bottle return homeless who can easily make $50 a day and team up to fund their drugs, booze and food and made the bottle return areas so undesirable that nobody wants to take their bottles back. Brilliant!

George Sticka


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Martin Letourneau

George should probably stay in Rhodendron. Yes, there is a problem, but I do not see George offering solutions or assistance to the human beings who are experiencing these situations. It is often easy for some to throw rocks when love would be so much more helpful. #LoveontheStreets

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