“Ensuring all people have fair and just access to benefits to high quality parks and green spaces, recreation facilities, youth sports and programs that create healthy, resilient and economically vibrant communities”: This is social equity and a goal of the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board of Directors. 

Reelect us and reject those who don’t grasp the benefits and very high quality of our programs, especially our Sunset Pool.

As a special district, SEPRD has been on this path for decades striving to achieve equity with a balance of cost recovery and inclusion providing broad community benefits. We continue to engage with everyone as we expand community access with expanded indoor recreation, our scholarship programs and sensible cost recovery.

We want to serve those “who can’t see over the fences.” We will tirelessly advocate for those who cannot do so. SEPRD has grown to be more than a pool.

The acquisition of the Sunset Recreation Center prioritizes increases for youth and adult sports for broader community benefit, visitors, too. We continue to have charrettes with stakeholders to focus on the highest best use = of the campus.

SEPRD used a governmental flex-lease to purchase the campus without any new taxes. It is manageable debt within a carefully crafted budget. We’ve saved our residents about $14 million and will generate millions in revenue that feed our local economy.

SEPRD has laid the cornerstone for the next generation of SEPRD users and wellness partners. We’ve secured the indoor gyms and classrooms to provide preschool and childcare venues that are safe; the highest priority of the District.

Unfortunately, Patrick Duhachek, my opponent, has aligned himself with a vicious misinformation campaign. Apparently he doesn’t understand our mission or our community values, though he sits on our budget committee and voted to approve our budget this fiscal year. He belittles our strong financial position and tax rate established in 1969.

SEPRD brings equity and inclusion every day to our underserved families and youth. Build our future. Please reelect the current Board: progressforSEPRD.com. Join our Facebook page.

Thank you.

Michael Hinton

SEPRD Board Vice-President

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