The election is near and certain facts have not changed.

Broadway Middle School is still contaminated with asbestos, black mold and lead paint. Nothing has been done to remediate these toxins and your current board continues to pretend that it is safe to occupy. Where is an engineering report that states given the presence of the above toxins, Broadway Middle School is safe to occupy? You will never see such a report because Broadway Middle School is not safe to occupy. If it were, any competent engineering firm would tell you so.

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District does not have enough income to pay for the operation of Broadway Middle School and continue to fund recreation programming at the levels we used to have. Funding just utilities like gas and electric will cost more than $80,000 per year.

Sunset Pool, which is the reason the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District was founded, is still not being properly cared for. Just drive by and take a look at the building. See for yourself.

In observing the budget process, I learned your district board wants to heavily increase administrative costs. Every dollar spent on administration is a dollar that can’t be spent on recreational opportunities for our citizens. Not only is the board robbing current programs to fund the middle school, they also intend to hire more people and use more dollars that way.

Do you want to have a board that is 80% appointed or would you like to have a 100% taxpayer elected board? Do you want to have a board that will continue to spend large amounts of your tax dollars without your consent? Or, would you prefer a board that will listen to the taxpayers?

The utter incompetence of the current board is obvious. Please vote for John Huismann, Patrick Duhachek, Jackie Evans, Al Hernandez and Stephen Morrison.

John Huismann


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