Please accept this as a formal rebuttal to certain issues found within your Oct. 23 article on the Gearhart elementary school "Sale presents tough road to hoe."

Please note that I am only one of many founders of the Pac Way Group. Many in Gearhart have led in the effort in forming the group for the purpose of an open forum promoting untargeted political discourse regarding Gearhart politics.

First, as to the school properties, let’s not forget the school district was trying to sell a major school bond that initially failed.

Second, one of the school representatives admitted they were not that familiar with the condition of the Gearhart facilities which in itself gives further hope for the school.

Third, and most importantly, City Administrator Chad Sweet again makes a snap and incorrect assumption the community would be so ignorant as to seek a new fire facility in a flood zone. To be clear residents have discussed the school as a much more economical repurposed city center and the cost savings of the center compared to a new fire complex could be easily allocated to a substantial refurbishment of the existing fire station which, depending on the outside agency model used, has a high probability of surviving tsunami related water encroachment. Sweet’s statement purposely miss states the community's well communicated alternatives. Sweet’s ongoing bias favoring his planned fire complex has rendered him a cynical opportunist for his interests at the expense of potentially better options for all of Gearhart. Many on social media are very aware that Sweet has a conflict as he also serves on the fire department and coupled with his continual miss statements regarding oppositional views lead many to the conclusion, right or wrong, the City Council promotes and may even be encouraging this dishonesty.

Jack Zimmerman


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