North vs. South

To the editor:

On and after Oct. 1 (the re-opening of clam digging), South County clam diggers request that the North County clam diggers stay north of the Sunset Beach approach.

The South County citizens are sick and tired of being exploited by the North County. It is common knowledge South County pays most of the county bills via the South County tax base.

The North County wanted a five-lane highway through our town just so all the traffic could move expediently and zip through Seaside to the North County at the expense of our fine city. Thanks much!

The fairgrounds could have been located in Warrenton. No, it had to be in the arms of Astoria. The Port of Astoria is, at least financially, the port of Clatsop County. South County would like acknowledgment and a conscious effort to be inclusive regarding the port.

The college could have been located in Warrenton, but no, Astoria had to have it within its arms, too. It’s an old condemned high school on top of a hill inaccessible in bad weather. Now the landscapers are complaining because of the difficulty of working on the steep terrain!

It would be nice, to say the least, if North County would put forth a big and constant effort to be “county wide” inclusive for the good of all Clatsop County citizens! Until the North County residents become less inclusive, the South County diggers want our beach for ourselves and want the North County diggers to stay north of the Sunset approach. You don’t see us on the North beach ever, if at all!

Happy digging!

Russ Earl


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