I’m John Huismann and you’ve read my writing many times before if you read letters to the editor.

I’m writing today to let you know I am running for the board of directors of Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District in the May 18 election. You know I’ve been a vocal critic of SEPRD. Well, I’m not just a critic, I’m also willing to step up on behalf of my community and work hard to make things better there.

I’m joined by four like-minded people who are also very disappointed with the way the current board has discharged their responsibility to care for SEPRD. We are all running under the banner “It’s time for a change.” My fellow candidates are Jackie Evans, Stephen Morrison, Patrick Duhachek and Al Hernandez. We all have different life experiences and bring different skill sets to the table. The great thing is that we all spend some time together each week and have grown to like and respect each other in the process.

So, what’s the latest at SEPRD? In the due diligence process, prior to buying Broadway Middle School, they learned the school is contaminated by asbestos, black mold and lead paint. They did not immediately remove the child care that they have been running there for three years. They actually put more kids at risk by moving their preschool to BMS!

There are no statements by any engineering firm stating it is safe to occupy the building given the contaminants found there. Have all parents been provided this information so they can make a safe choice for their children? If not, I believe this could raise large liability issues for SEPRD going forward. I have to wonder if their insurance carrier is aware they are using a contaminated building for childcare.

Given what I’m seeing I have to ask: Are you satisfied with the job the current board of SEPRD is doing? I’m not and that’s why I’m here asking for your vote! Please also vote for those running with me. We will work for you!

John Huismann


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