Claire Lovell’s Dec. 9, “Scene & Heard ” column in the Seaside Signal featured an opinion on climate change that had nothing to do with the bulk of the piece. Yet the paper chose to highlight this disconnected paragraph with an inflammatory headline, “Climate change: a roll of the dice,” as if it was the main focus of the article.

Climate change deniers fall largely into two categories: those who are woefully uninformed and those who stand to profit from loosened regulations and gutted protections. We do indeed roll the dice with our children’s future if we fail to act.

To discount the preponderance of evidence about the reality of climate change by saying, “God is in charge of the weather…” is to allow humans to shirk responsibility for damage they have done to the pristine planet we had “in the beginning.” Unchecked climate change may indeed be God’s vengeance.

But this is not really a religious issue. Nor is it red or blue.

Earth’s rhythms may once have shifted naturally through past centuries but exponential population growth and practices employed to sustain it have pushed us to the tipping point. Man may have meant no harm but harm has been done. Our first act of reparation is to become informed. For an eminently watchable film highlighting the facts of climate change, see National Geographic’s documentary “Before the Flood.”

We must learn and act on best practices for a sustainable future for our children. If we fail, climate change may well become a crisis of security as American immigrants from distressed parts of the country seek permanent relocation in more temperate regions. Is the Pacific Northwest capable of accommodating thousands of new residents seeking support and shelter if extreme conditions elsewhere cannot be slowed or reversed? Current, updated information is key. News providers should lead not block the way.

Bonnie Delaney


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