The recent tempest in a teapot at Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District is interesting. To hear these folks talk, the old Broadway Middle School property, which SEPRD recently purchased from Seaside Administrative School District #10, is a toxic dump site of asbestos and black mold!

Reading their vitriolic letters to the editor, I’m left wondering, where was their hue and cry over this issue when our children were in those buildings? Why were they silent about this threat all these years? Why is it now suddenly a big concern to them? Is the problem really that bad or is this all just hyperbole?

It also raises the question, why didn’t the Seaside School Board “gift” the middle school property to SEPRD, another taxing district serving the public, like they did the Gearhart school property? Supposedly a big part of their reasoning for selling the Gearhart property to a private concern for less than a fifth of its true base value was worries about asbestos and mold. That whole affair fails to pass the smell test. District taxpayers were robbed and the school board was wholly complicit in the theft. Especially when you consider the subsequent Broadway Middle School sale.

If either of these sites are as dangerous as they are being made out, someone needs to prove it. My children went to both these schools. I want answers. And, quite honestly, the members of both boards should have their feet put to the fire to justify their actions.

Bill Graffius


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