On Wednesday, April 12, upwards of 50 State Farm agents from all over the state will descend on Salem for our annual Day on the Hill. A day where many other Agents and I, from communities both small and large, meet with our elected officials. We meet to discuss and fight for legislation up for vote that will directly affect each of our communities. These events are an opportunity for each of us to speak for our clients, friends and families on bills and laws that can either help or hurt our day to day lives. In the past we have struggled against legislation as varied as required increases in coverage, protection for citizens while using companies such as Uber and bills that allow people to be sued even after their insurance companies have been sued. This year there are two bills up that I feel especially strong about.

• House Bill 2858: A bill that will gives lawyers a virtually unrestricted ability to file two lawsuits for one insurance claim in court. Not only will this drive up insurance rates for all Oregonians but it will overwhelm already overburdened courts with new lawsuits.

• Senate Bill 487: This bill will jeopardize our already strained healthcare system in rural Oregon by increasing costs to the Rural Medical Liability Reimbursement Program by increasing the limit on recoverable limit on non-economic damages. This is a program that ensures Oregonians have access to the broadest possible range of specialty physicians and providers throughout the state and not just in urban areas. Our community is already struggling under the high costs of health care. Truly my drive in going to Salem every year is to fight against anything that can cause state sponsored rate increases without a recognizable benefit. As a member of our community it has always been important to me to stand against things that I believe will negatively impact our economic health as well as our quality of life. Far too many of my community live on a fixed income, increases in cost without increases in income are devastating. On Wednesday I will have the honor of sitting with both of our wonderful representatives, Rep. Deborah Boone and also Sen. Betsy Johnson to bring forward our concerns and hopes . 

Jeremy Mills

State Farm


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