People who work on the Oregon Coast should be able to afford to live on the Oregon Coast. But ask any new arrival where they are living and watch for the reaction! From Astoria to Brookings, nurses, first responders, fisherman, shop keepers, teachers, office workers, and trades people are no longer able to afford local neighborhoods.

As representatives for nearly half our coastline, we hear the impact that housing affordability has on families, seniors, workers, and the local businesses that need those workers. We joined our colleagues in the Legislature in voting nearly unanimously to refer to voters a measure that will make it easier and more efficient to build affordable housing: Measure 102.

Measure 102 will remove an outdated restriction that prevents affordable housing bond dollars from being used in partnership with nonprofits and affordable housing developers. This will give a boost to smaller cities and towns who otherwise might not have the ability to carry out an affordable housing bond.

This measure includes added safeguards, requiring local governments to complete annual audits and to publicly report spending of bond funds. If Measure 102 is approved, bond funds will be treated just like other funds for affordable housing, within a strong system of accountability that ensures residents with low incomes are being properly served.

Not only is taxpayer investment protected, but Measure 102 will make your tax dollars go further, by allowing access to new funding sources. Please join us in voting yes on Measure 102.

Rep. David Gomberg

Rep. Deborah Boone

Representative David Gomberg represents the Central Coast and Representative Deborah Boone represents the North Coast in the Oregon State Legislature.

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